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Thank you for the insights! I think you could drop any reasonable retrospective process into the sticky note portion of the process. I think the main thing is that you have a checkin, a closing, some sort of tension/data gathering process, and make sure that all solutions are funneled into clearly stated and clearly owned projects and actions (or action to bring a tension). I have seen lack of engagement when the team felt like the retrospective didn't lead to any concrete changes, and I think tying it back to Holacracy makes the meetings more engaging because it makes the value more obvious.

I think a variety of processes might raise different types of data, so that might also be a good reason to change up the process type. We probably haven't run this process with enough consistency to see fatigue with it, but I do think that Holacracy really makes it more engaging for us in the GlassFrog circle.

Do you have any other processes that might be useful, especially for folks who don't use agile, but want to use a retrospective style meeting to help a team get in touch with their tensions?