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We've have the same challenge and took the same strategy that Margaux laid out and we've iterated on it a couple of times. We started by created a role with the purpose: "create a familiar structure to the outside world." Then created a Rep Link role in our second iteration. We ran like this for quite sometime but honestly these roles were more about how we internally reconciled the fact we were doing something different and not about real gaps in capturing work. Once we were more comfortable with things we removed these roles in favor of  undifferentiated work and roles that had more explicit accountabilities for real tangible work like the role "pencil whip" which had the purpose "fast processing of beauracracy"  with metrics and checklist items. This role signs paperwork and "approves" things in our enterprise resource planning systems per the hierarchy business processes that haven't changed.

In the end, there is a bunch of ways to handle this and I suspect it will evolve over time.