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One way to soften this is to have it formalized now through governance, so that team members can start proposing stuff if they feel they have tension with the new process, including scrum, and integrate their proposal with my objections, if any.

I think you're spot on here Dien. If you process this in a governance meeting, other circle members will have a chance to ask questions, react, and object to your proposal to possibly amend it.

As former CEO or founder of the company (I'm assuming?), you have an extra burden to make sure to stick to the rules of Holacracy — it's the best way you can role model the power shift. It will force you to find other pathways to get what you want than just imposing your will, which will show your team members that you're subject to the same rules as everyone else, and what you're doing they could be doing too. This should defuse a lot of the resistance you're experiencing from them.