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Hi, Margaux:

Thanks for the clarification.

So, in practice, let's say, something needs to get done and there is no role yet to do this, and no one else has tensions about this, then the Lead Link automatically handles that. The Lead Link can choose to either:

  • propose a new role to do just that in governance first, and then fill that role, perhaps with himself, and then take the action.
  • or, just take the action first, and then go to governance ASAP to propose the role that is supposed to take this action.


When done properly, the Lead Link will eventually never have to handle "undelegated accountabilities" any more since once any undelegated accountability is discovered, it is brought governance immediately, and the accountability is added to a new role or an existing one. 

Does that sound about right ?

I'm also curious where this is mentioned in the constitution. I've heard multiple recordings that mention this, but not sure which section of the constitution actually says this.