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Hi, Sergey:

Yes, this is an area where I'm trying to get a better balance in I suppose it's me being impatient.  I love the whole self organization concept, but sometimes, at least for me, it seems like I kind of have to "force" people to break free from the old mindset, but in doing so, I'm also reinforcing the old ways of doing things.

One way to soften this is to have it formalized now through governance, so that team members can start proposing stuff if they feel they have tension with the new process, including scrum, and integrate their proposal with my objections, if any.

(For Holacracy, Scrum, and other somewhat major changes, I took the big bang approach according to what I know at the time of implementation. I know some people introduce these types of changes slowly, and prevent major pushbacks that way. I thought it would be better to just jump in and do the whole thing and just continuously reinforce them until they become a habit.)