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Thanks a lot Olivier!  That's super clear

Initially, it was something that I introduced and I thought I could act from the "Lead Link handles all undelegated accountabilities" clause, and then just waited if  anyone had tensions and wanted a specific role or policy for this. 

I then created the roles exactly like example 3 in governance just without any formal policy stating that we are going to adopt the scrum. 

All of these went well, until we hit the creation of user stories from customer's point of of view, the short sprint, the replanning every sprint, and ofcourse, the daily standups .  At these points I started to have pushbacks from several members, not all. These are Scrum processes that I can't really put into accountabilities, or perhaps I can, but felt that it was really clumsy that I have to add the same accountabilities to all roles in the circle, i.e. to join sprint planning, to estimate story points, attend daily standups, etc, so I just treat it as something that just needs to be taught.

I knew going in that there will be pushbacks and kept telling everyone that we just needed to stick with it until we get used to it and reap the benefits. This is the part where some started wondering whether or not I could do that as a Lead Link acting out of the undelegated accountabilities thing, and I started wondering how, in Holacracy, can we push something really new if everyone has to "agree" first.

@Kraen, I'd be interested too to help out where I can with an alternative Scrum app.