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It would be useful to have examples of tensions and how they got processed concretely.

I was just coaching one of our clients' tactical meetings, and someone asked how to process a specific tension about the need to harvest learning from the different consultants they have delivering work. I explained different pathways for that, then I gave the example of one of our roles at HolacracyOne, "Internal Learning" that we created precisely for that reason. Chris, in that role, has asked from our coaches that they forward to him emails to clients where we coach on the rules of Holacracy, and he compiles them into a centralized document. 

It was exactly what she was looking for, and that example was more useful to her than my general explanation. She now has a concrete next step to process her tension.

So I suggest developing a list of examples of tensions and how they got processed in real life situations -- maybe those that are common enough that workers from different industries can relate to.