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Re: your second question: I think we (Structure & Process, at that time called Röll & Korvenmaa) had a structure like the one you image: There was an Anchor Circle (called "Board") which had Cross-Links for me and my business partner (and two more roles, for the partnership system and legal). Then there was the Rep-Link from the GCC, where the work took place. And of course, a Facilitator and a Secretary:

Röll & Korvenmaa Organisational Structure, March 2014
Röll & Korvenmaa Organisational Structure, March 2014
(taken from http://structureprocess.com/bl...cracy-alltag-praxis/)

At this time, our Anchor Circle had no Lead Link. When this changed later, then indeed, the Lead Link became Secretary and the other partner the Facilitator (to avoid having the same person fill Lead Link AND Facilitator, which would be unconstitutional). 

Does this help?