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This is totally off-topic (apologies), but thought I'd share a quick nuanced coaching point here while the opportunity presents:

Eric, I noticed in your post above that you're labeling/categorizing tensions as either a "governance tension" or an "operational tension".  I get the utility in that distinction, though I think it also has a downside, by reinforcing a mental model that tensions are either one or the other, and that it's inherent to the tension itself.  Yet, this isn't true - tensions are not inherently one or the other, they are simply experiences, most of which could be transformed in some way governance and in another way via operations (just differently so).  So, I find it more useful to talk about resolving a tension via governance, and what that achieves and when that's most useful, vs. resolving a tension operationally, and what that achieves and when that's most useful.  In other words, I recommend avoiding applying "governance" or "operational" as a label or descriptor of the tension, and instead talking about them as processes that can transform a tension in different ways.

I know this is very subtle, yet for a more experienced coach like yourself who has the core mechanics down, I think working on this level can take it up yet another notch.  The coach's "subtle language practice" and modeling can make a huge difference in guiding the development of people's mental models and meaning-making around Holacracy, which I've seen can have a pretty sizable impact over time.

Hope that helps!

- Brian