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Reply to Resources for DIYers

By Chris Cowan Topic posted 02/02/2016
Frederik Fleischmann posted:

Hi Chris,

a video of  an excellent Tactical Meeting and an excellent Governance Meeting would help a lot. I'd love to see a high quality, scripted training video that shows all the benefits of Holacracy in practice.

In Tactical Meeting: Fast paced, lots of results, focused on outcomes, diverse contents (Next Actions, Projects, discussion of a topic, sharing information with peers).

In Governance Meetings: Everyone has a voice, smooth process, lots of added value through Reactions and Objection round, outcome driven, distributed authority.


I like and support this idea of a video tool. When we had a Discovery day in my organization last summer, one limit I felt, hearing the feedbacks,  was the difficulty for the participants - my colleagues- to imagine how does that work at the cruising speed, after the learning phase. Some of them suggested this idea of a video. to highlight the benefits of holacracy. I believe that could be helpful.

Thanks Chris for this topic, and Frederik for the suggestion.