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Yay Chris! This is a wonderful topic and purely based on my own experience, there is a true need for more DIY material. I think there are actually a ton of resources available with the items you listed, the blog posts and additional articles on the website but it might be nice to have them centralized on one landing page.

Here are some additional ideas:

  • A DIY forum in the COP
  • All of the webinars available in one place organized into a "suggested watching order"
  • A webinar devoted to GlassFrog use and successful practices
  • Specific articles/webinars/blog posts/"top ten" lists with some dos and dont's for new Secretaries and Faciliatators 
  • Some kind of gamification guide for both Holacracy and GlassFrog (there was a great thread on this a while ago - .../gamifying-glassfrog)

I look forward to thoughts and ideas from others!