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Thanks, Margaux, Bernard:

Bernard, if I create a policy that says that the cross link will enact any accountabilities as if it were from the source, can the cross link then take actions on behalf of our circle in the source (external entity) ?

An extreme example may be a cross link from an external supplier A invited to our circle B, and after creating the above policy, we then add an accountability to, say, negotiate the best pricing from suppliers. Will this cross link then be expected to now negotiate with its own company A for the best price if it's needed to fulfill his accountability?

That one was an extreme example. In reality, what we wanted to achieve was for the cross link to also help us remove barriers in the source (external) entity, in addition to resolving their tensions in our organization. For example to help speed up lead time, to resolve conflicts, to build the same understanding of what we want to achieve at the source entity, etc.

Can I add these types of accountabilities and expect them from a cross link ?