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Reply to Hola Spirit web tool

By Tony Wood Topic posted 12/13/2015

Is there a way to map GlassFrog to the Constitution file so that management software pulls its display language from the Constitution file itself. If so, could we users then select which version of the Constitution for our context, allowing GF to remap to our language? This would address not only foreign language issues but corporate culture specifics, too.

For example, Likewise is an emerging college that has opted to modify the Constitution in two rudimentary ways: 1) we use the archaic academic title "Polity" instead of "Constitution" and 2) we use the more universal term "participants" instead of the ambiguous term "partners." These are small and rather insignificant details relevant to our context. However, I can see where mapping GlassFrog to the constitution in this fashion would allow for extremely rapid revision.

Personally, I love the user friendliness that GF has achieved and seeks to improve. Kudos and many thanks.