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Bud wouldn't be the first person to e-mail Tony to tell him everything he's doing wrong around Holacracy and what to do to fix it (which usually involves using that person's system or consulting services instead)...  Zappos and Holacracy are convenient targets for anyone interested in tearing something down to build up their own thing (or for journalists more interested in click-throughs on sensationalized headlines than, say, doing actual journalism).

Zappos seems to be doing great as far as I can tell, and it looks to me like they're artfully navigating the many challenges that come with a massive transformation and paradigm shift (from my own first-hand experience of them plus lots of conversations with people who work there).  Per Ruben's point, if you want to know what's really going on in Zappos (or anywhere), check for first-hand accounts, and be wary of press and management-consultant bloggers...

Here's two more relevant articles with first-hand accounts (the one Margaux linked to is great as well, especially for a commentary... except the reference to Buffer trying Holacracy - that's a total press fabrication):