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Hi Keith,

I have had exactly the same problem two days ago and was about to ask the same question here. What a coincidence!

I consider this to be a gap in the constitution that should be filled. The whole policy topic seems to be very complicated and the Constitution doesn't help in making this clearer. I can't find the place in the Constitution where it states the a policy may not require action. I suppose it is implicit.

There is some discussion about Policies here: ...5#459827542080279505

And this Wiki helps (but it refers to Version 4.0 of the Constitution): http://wiki.holacracy.org/index.php?title=Policy

The way I see it, there are two ways to move forward:

  1. Introducing a clear definition of Policies into the Constitution
  2. Introducing that a Policy is any rule that the Organization wants to introduce (therefore aligning Holacracy Policies with how policies are usually seen in conventional companies and allowing Policies to require actions)

I think the second suggestion implies several drawbacks and would need lengthy discussions to correctly be implemented in Holacracy but in the end might help to align Holacracy practice with Holacracy theory and make Holacracy more approachable.