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Hi Davi - Yes, in a sense all domains must be delegated from the super-circle. But just by creating a sub-circle, the super-circle has already given it a domain over its own internal functions and activities, per §2.1.1. So, to answer the question in your example, I would not consider adding that “Hiring Processes” domain to be outside of that circle’s authority. That is governing and limiting a domain that’s been delegated to the whole circle: the domain of its own internal functions and activities. At the same time, per Karilen’s point, I don’t think that domain limits any role outside of that circle, because it is only governing the circle’s internal functions (roles)… If you want to limit the People sub-circle, you need to be controlling a domain that the GCC has explicitly granted to the Products circle, not just the default domain of the Product circle’s own internal functions.

Hope that helps!
- Brian

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