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My interpretation, and I don't claim it to be "the correct" one -- is that a circle can define a domain within it even if it has not been explicitly delegated/defined, but it would only be relevant internally to the circle, not to the entire organization.

I could see someone objecting based on outside of circle's authority to govern, though if there is no domain or policy, it is all implicitly up for grabs in my mind, so I wouldn't make the above argument.

If someone wants to object based on that during a governance meeting, I would just facilitate through to the integration step and see what comes of it. The person filling the role may want their rep link to propose a domain in the super circle to clearly define they control the property.

If you have a good facilitator, then someone could only ask Secretary to make a judgment call during a time out or in integration, unless it is the facilitator testing the objection right when the person raises it. 

If the facilitator thinks your objection sounds reasonable, then they don't have to ask secretary for an interpretation or test it; but they can. You may find in integration that you can't do the work you need to (of defining the circle domain, for example) in your circle meeting, and get the rep link involved for the next super circle meeting. 

Or perhaps you could resolve that objection some other way.