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I would like to suggest that for consistency both the tactical meetings and the governance meetings have the "Build Agenda" phase. Right now governance has it mentioned as a separate step and tactical does not have it as a separate step.

For check-in and Closing use a single consistent description wording on both cards. Right now they are different on both cards. 

The different sections of the meeting could be named more succinctly. Instead of Administrative Concerns it could just be Administrative. Agenda instead of build agenda. Reactions instead of Reaction Round. Metrics instead of Metrics review. I find that round and review are not needed.

It is confusing that it is called Triage Issues instead of Triage Tensions or just tensions.

In governance there is no succinct headline for step four. It could have a header of Integrative Decision Making Process.

The Facilitator Tips and the Testing Objections need to very clearly show that that Facilitator tips is for Tactical and Testing objections is Governance. When they are printed out as paper copies and you have four separate sheets of paper this is confusing so I have had to write on everyone's sheets for these TACTICAL and GOVERNANCE. 

The Testing objections page does not make it clear what the X leads to. Does this lead to "Not valid" I know the answer but those starting to learn Holacracy don't. 

Check or no check is confusing. A simple YES or NO seems to be so much more succinct.