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I possibly see this a little too simply but it's specifically that the organisation is purchasing services just like it purchases products and as such needs to define the process's around this.

To assist in the best possible transaction and result for the organisation to achieve its purpose the organisation needs to maintain the relationship we have roles around vendor relationships just as we have roles around partner relationships.

We also have roles around ensuring quality of products received the same as we have roles to ensure we are getting the energy we purchase in the human capital transaction.

Of course there is more complexity in the human transaction and the energy vs capital transfer is more than just dollars for time as we all understand the ideas of engagement etc that just adds to some of the complexity required on the policies and roles required to effectively handle this input to the organisation.

Some of these concepts may seem brutal to evolved organisations but from purely the organisation space this is what we are dealing with. How you convey this to your coachees is the joy of being a coach and personally it depends on the organisations culture. The organisation has every right to effectively process its investment in energy purchase