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Hi great topic and my area of special interest coming from and IT service background. We mainly use the following of course integration is most important in all these aspects

Xero for financial as our core system

slack is an awesome communication platform with Officevibe for employee engagement monitoring

crunchboard or fathom for dashboards 

office 365 

connectwise for ticket / work management (including role base work and time capture and analysis) with integration with glass frog tactical meeting outcome for capturing actions and projects as tickets (also integrated with Toodledo as a complete work life integrated GTD system)

Lync, gotomeeting and Skype 

email2db for automation (this drives the Gtd integration but also generates role based distribution lists so people can email roles directly)

sql server replication to glass frog to support distribution group replications / role to ticket assignments / purpose maps etc


Dropbox, SharePoint ( Dropbox for dynamic working) SharePoint for controlled documents

extensive use of onenote for collaboration and project support

reciptbank for invoice and receipt capture and harvest for project time capture. 

CRM using Connectwise and base 

and finally Evernote for web clippings and business card scanningsporry or such a long list but really at the core of the practice is the glass frog ConnectWise integration as it provides a great work capture and management platform integration is easy using email2db by Parker software