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Laurent, based on a discussion with Brian we ended up creating separate roles for each team, which worked out very well for us.

As we went through the process of mapping roles it became apparent that each team had different accountabilities for developers and sys admins, etc. Some teams even had roles that others didn't (e.g. Tech Support role vs. accountability for tech support on Developer role).

I was quite surprised as we're a small company (~40 people) doing more or less the same work for each client. That said, the teams have had a about 18 months to differentiate before we adopted Holacracy - it was an interesting exercise to sit down and map this out.

We did discuss creating "template" roles in our Delivery super-circle for use when starting a new team. We decided against this as it turned out to be more simple to start by copying a role from another team and then modifying to suit. I noticed that the feature list for constitution 5.0 has a suggestion for template roles.