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This Novice Practitioner's thoughts:

Why is it that Customer Comms is not a sub-circle of the Marketing Circle? Customer communication is an integral part of marketing.

Assuming that the Marketing and Customer Comms circles have a common super-circle, I would expect the best solution would be to have that super-circle move the Customer Comms circle into the Market Circle. Then the Customer Comms Circle lead link and rep link would be accountable to carry the tensions between the two circles.

Short of that, it sounds like each of the rep links of the two circles could, in the super-circle's governance process, ask for accountabilities to help improve coordination. (I leave it to you to define the specifics of those accountabilities.)

A cross-link rep might still be called for, but that increases overhead be creating a new role that much shuttle between two circles.

Finally, a new accountability could be defined on a role in one circle to coordinate a particular category of issues with the (lead link of the) other circle. (Since, short of creating a cross-link rep, the other circle is opaque from the outside, forcing all incoming requests to the to other circle onto the shoulders of the other circle's lead link by default. The the lead link of the other circle may redirect such requests to another role in that other circle. That redirect overhead is probably the kind of overhead that a cross-link rep is intended to avoid.)

Just my two pence.