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Thanks for replying so quickly!

By no means am I eager to use a different term lol, and the irony doesn't escape me. As facilitator though, I'm not weighing in on whether what they say is accurate, but just that he provides a specific, logical example of how it inhibited one of their roles, which he might. To clarify:

  • Is it conceivable that this proposal could be considered valid?
  • If so, could it result in valid governance output for any circle, or only the overall circle?
  • If so, the output can't be changing the term, right? It could only be creating an accountability for a role to decide on terms, right?
  • If not (to the first question), then how could a change like this be made? By constitutional amendment by the ratifiers?

If it comes to it, I want to make sure I have a principled answer for him, and to make sure I don't subvert the process.