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Hi Alexey,


As a Facilitator, I would try to test it with “Is that a reason it causes harm or move us backwards or is it just that you don't personally like it?”

Either it is just a personal concern and the person says option 2 or if it does really cause harm, “ok how does it cause harm?”.

If the person says that it is because she won't be able to energize it, that's a different issue and maybe it is not the appropriate role to put this in or maybe it is just a assignment concern and has nothing to do in governance, depends on what the person says.

In conclusion, I'd say that the Facilitator has to seek the reason why it causes harm, he has to dig a bit. He is not just asking for an objection, he seeks a real reason, while still not judging the reason but the person has to provide a reason why it causes harm. With no reason, you don't have any objection.


Hope that helps!