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Reply to Strategye meeting

By Christel Hofman Topic posted 01/11/2016

We had our strategy meeting before Christmas. We allocated One and half hour which wasn't enough( We are a NPO with 8 Organisers). I would say at least two and half hours for us would have been good starting point. 

The facilitation was done by our Lead link and all the Organisers were very engaged. We came up with all the points that are important for each one of us and grouped them. The we gave a ranking from most important(1) to least important then added up. The least sum was our first important purpose and so on.

Apart from the timing, I think all us, would have liked knowing the whole process beforehand which would probably alter the sequence. Also, we decided to go against the template model as in

...... over......

which is good for our Organisation. We will have follow-up meetings with Lead link to see how the new strategy will prioritise our work load