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Yo, Chris! Here are the updates I'd like to see along with my reasoning.

I'd like framing vs directions made to be distinctly different on the rounds part of the card for both Tactical and Governance, so that it makes it much clearer what a Facilitator-in-learning needs to know vs what they need to say.

We see a lot of people using the cards to facilitate when starting out and the lack of this differentiating wording throws them off. For example, you can reach the "Check-in Round" of the Tactical card word-for-word and it would suffice as basic enough framing. However, if you do the same for "Checklist Review", now you are telling the Circle the directions for the Facilitator instead of framing what *they* need to know. Even a distinct color coding for framing vs directions or something that makes it clear what the Facilitator needs to read out loud and what they just need to know to run the meeting would help a lot.I don't have much more because I think the other pieces are generally pretty clear. Hopefully that makes sense. If not, feel free to e-mail me so we can chat! Keep up the good work!