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Inspired by the Medicine Wheel of the Native Americans,  in the use of which I was trained, I've been tracking the key roles of my personal lifework for 23 years. 

When in John Bunch's Hola profile I discovered Zappos' Circle of Life, the purpose of which is "A place to create circles about your personal life," and its subcircle created by John and aptly called The John Bunch Circle, I realized that I've been practicing a simplified version of 'solopreneurship' Holacracy for 20+ years before knowing about its formal discipline, tools, and methods.

Now the dots are connecting, and I will turn my Wheel of Lifework  into a 1-person Circle, enhancing it with what I can borrow from Holacracy, while maintaining the rich archetypal connotations of the specific roles that I'm energizing in my lifework. Today is my birthday, a good day to do that upgrade. If anyone is interested, I will post a link to it when it will be done.

I feel that there's a great potential for solopreneurs in mapping their lifework with Holacracy. Particularly for people with a multi-dimensional lifework, it can help with weekly and moment-to-moment prioritizing, as well as discovering hidden synergies across the roles. I guess, it will also help me sustaining a greater clarity and coherence of how each role contributes to the purpose of my Circle of LifeWork. Testing those hypotheses will be one of my creative projects for 2016.

As I vaguely remember, Brian mentioned something about the possibility of this kind of individual use of Holacracy in his book. I don't have the book with me, so I can't look it up. Does it ring a bell to anybody?