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If you are working to implement Holacracy in your organization, or as an external coach, I cannot recommend our Coach Training enough.

Here are some highlights and if you attended years ago (even just a couple), the design has changed for even more coaching time! 

We have an open Holacracy coach training in Amsterdam right now, and it is likely that it will be the only opportunity in Europe in 2016, or at least until much later in the year. So we only do about 2-3 per year. The first one filled to capacity, so we opened another one. The next coach training will likely be in the United States.

This is a must for anyone wanting to earn their living as a professional Holacracy coach. 

Here is what you can expect:

During meetings...
  • Facilitate a tactical meeting with “power shift” coaching opportunities 
  • Facilitate a difficult governance meeting where a proposer or objector is stuck in integration, and learn advanced rules to help facilitation in tricky integrations
  • Give and receive feedback to fellow attendees and practice coaching others on facilitation and coaching abilities
Outside of meetings...
  • Coach power-holders, including executives and managers, who are considering Holacracy, and through each key phase of implementation, and get feedback from colleagues
  • Learn basic organizational design skills and pitfalls
  • Coach peers based on actual scenarios from Holacracy practitioners
  • Review your competency in key Holacracy skill areas
  • Spend 4.5 days with other Holacracy implementors, experts, or those going deep into the practice of Holacracy with their organization, and learn from the stories and approaches of your peers


We do payment plans and group discounts and have special options for those certified or re-attending. Please sign up soon so we can plan for the appropriate group size, or let us know you are thinking of it.