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Hello Mike,

First, you should know that I'm just putting my toe into the Holacracy pond, trying to figure if it is possible to implement as a practice within the framework of a member-based non-profit.  I have 2 major roles, an organizational change consultant and the US lead for a member-based global organization. 

My current client (manufacturing) uses O365, sharepoint, Skype for Business and Kronos (they are not a target for Holacracy). My non-profit uses O365, sharepoint, Skype and gotomeeting.  My non-profits use drupel for websites because of the member data option but I simply hate it. Very difficult to make edits. I much prefer wordpress. I've started other non-profits where we used Google docs, Salesforce, webex and Microsoft apps.  I prefer O365 to google but I believe it is simply familiarity.  Currently we are posting role descriptions on O365 sharepoint.  I do have to say that I looked at Glassfrog and I definitely see the value and alignment with Holacracy.  

Happy to discuss further.

Michelle (Detroit, Michigan)