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Hi Mike, 

I have used Podio as a platform for Collaboration across continents including CRM and Knowledge Management, even Holacracy although that was clunky but it worked. Glassfrog and HolaSpirit are much better for that purpose.  With Podio you can build your own Apps to fits your needs. Think of Podio as Slack + Salesforce + Knowledge Management + Calendar (syncs with Google Calendar although I use prefer iCal as Google is blocked in China) etc... all in one and easy to tailor to a growing Global Networks' evolving needs. 

For Video Collaboration, I use GoToMeeting, HangOut, Zoom, Skype... whatever works best on the day and in the particular location (one of the challenges of poor network in emerging markets and working from behind the Great Firewall of China).

Best wishes, 

~ Cyrille