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Okay, so my pitch is a bit of a word-smith item - re the standardized use of "What do you need?"

In my organization we endeavor to differentiate from WANT and NEED - and the standard use of addressing/processing Tensions are about WANT.  

I am using and promoting the use of "What do you want to have happen?" in our Holacracy Study.  It's a simple substitution and reinforces the separate between OPINION and FACT.

Then, the follow-up, instead of "Did you get what you need?", we're testing out 'Is this handled for now?' and 'Does that address your Tension?'

Again, the idea is not to FULLY RESOLVE every Tension in the course of the meeting, but to provide the individual the means to get the Tension resolved.  So the Facilitator's job is to just check to see if the means to get resolve has been met - and certainly not to fulfill someone's arbitrarily-defined sense of NEED.

We use the meeting cards heavily and other than that language item - found in the Tactical Meeting card's Triage section and Facilitator Tips.  I don't believe it's on the Governance card.