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Brian -

Agreed in the short, quick, colloquial - and - what gets defined as colloquial may vary based on team/organization tradition.  The phrase 'what would you like to have happen here' is pretty darned common in peer-facilitated support groups and events, which is much of what MKP provides.  So that tongue-tripper isn't all that onerous for us to consider use of, and has been useful in our boot-strapping study groups.  Specifically it's useful as a reminder to each that it's not the Facilitator's responsibility to 'fix' or provide solutions but rather to support the individual in finding their own solutions within the construct.

BUT, it may not translate more broadly - so your 'what would you like' and its variants may be more applicable.  Some additional, more general language spaghetti-on-wall, considering that the individual has expressed something about their Tension by this point.

- "How can we help?" ('how can we help you address that Tension?', 'how can we support you in addressing that tension?')

- "What might help?"  ('what might help you address that Tension?')

or if they have not yet stated the Tension...

- "What is your Tension and how can we help?"

or such