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Hi Chris,

I'd like to change the Testing Objection card in clear sentences. F.e. 1) The proposal would degrade the Circle's capacity (this is explanation), then the green part Is THAT a reason this causes harm or moves us backward? (and how?) The word THAT is confusing when you read it for the first time. Is it the proposal or the objection? I would like to change it into "Is this proposal a reason this causes harm or moves the circle backward? ("and how?). Then in blue "Is IT a better idea...". I would like to change this in "Is your proposal a better idea or...?" So on for the whole card.

At the Governance Meetings card I would like to see an add. Because "tension" in Dutch feels very big, heavily and blocks people. I always ask for positive tensions / ideas or negative tensions / something that bothers you or you want to get rid off. Maybe the word can be softened somehow? In the closing round I would like to explain the reflection by adding "thoughts or feelings,  you want to leave behind in this meeting, so you it becomes knowledge for the whole group and we can improve next meetings."

At the Tactical Meetings card I'd like to add that it is a fast pace meeting and a short explanation why we review the checklist, metrics and project updates. But maybe this is too much explanations for the cards and people just need to read the book and/or attend a training  ;-).