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Bhargavi posted:

Hi Brian, I am interested in administration/ logistics role. 

I am Bhargavi Kotte, passionate about Holacracy. I have been working with impactNPO a non-profit organisation helping charities solve IT problem through weekend Hackathons based in Auckland, NZ. We have been implementing Holacracy for the past four months to organise events.

I have energised roles of Secretary, Organisers Steward, Volunteers Steward and Event Coordinator. I am well organised, believe in continual learning and develop a career in Holacracy.

Keep me posted


Kind Regards,


HI Bhargavi! 

Great to hear you're already experienced with Holacracy. That always helps when we're looking candidates. 

Here is the main link to get some more context: http://www.holacracy.org/join-holacracyone

Ans then here is the questionnaire to start the courtship process: http://www.holacracy.org/working-with-holacracyone

All the best, "Ra"