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My short answer is that part of the work of the organization is figuring out what agreements are needed of partners, and what roles, policies, etc. are needed for the organization to enact its purpose. There is a question for each organization to continually answer of what is the work of the organization in terms of "people" stuff...I see partner relationships as the boundary of people and the organization.

People still choose to opt in to that relationship, give input into the processes and set their own boundaries, so the organization can't actually force itself on anyone.

The policy is constraining/permitting by saying if a person chooses to enter a relationship with the organization, these are the conditions at the pattern level...or constraints of engaging as a partner...would love to hear if you have additional questions or critiques of this policy Nick. 

I think this (how to set up appropriate roles and policies and processes without conventionally trying to "manage people") is a very rich conversation.