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Hey Rebecca,

First, I echo everything Lex said about appreciating your feedback and push-back here!  I'm actually the one who fills GlassFrog's Business Model role and drove this change, so I can clarify a bit: despite those data points, the overall intent and effect of the change was to lower prices for most smaller companies and raise them for most larger ones, and to be much more aligned with both market price levels and scaling patterns in other enterprise-class productivity software (e.g. Slack, Asana, Trello, and many others in this price range).  As a result of this pricing change, most (but not all) of our smaller clients (below about 50 people) are paying less now, and most of our larger ones are paying more now.  Sorry to hear your organization was among the minority of smaller organizations that ended up paying more - I know that sucks, and I hope you'll forgive us and find a way to keep loving our little frog...  :-)

- Brian