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Here is my take - may not be completely accurate, but seems logical enough to my way of thinking.
According to the Constitution V. 4.1, A “Process Breakdown” occurs when a Circle shows a pattern of behavior that conflicts with the rules of this Constitution.

Two types of Process Breakdown are described in the Constitution:
3.5.1 - Breakdown from failed Governance - Facilitator may declare, or in some cases, the Proposer may declare.

3.5.2 - Breakdown from Unconstitutional behavior - this applies to sub-Circles of the Anchor Circle

So.... we should only expect to have to deal with Process Breakdown in the Anchor Circle from failed Governance.

3.5.3 - Process Restoration - provides guidance on what to do when a Process Breakdown occurs.

Whenever an authorized party declares a Process Breakdown within a Circle, the following occurs:

(a) the Facilitator of the Super-Circle gains a Project to restore due-process within the Circle; and
-- MY COMMENT: There is no Super-Circle, so there is not a Role to take a project to restore due-process .... this doesn't help in our example.
So... move to (b):

(b) the Facilitator of the Super-Circle gains the authority to take over as Facilitator or Secretary of the Circle, or to appoint someone else to do so; and
-- MY COMMENT: Same as above.... this doesn't help so move to (c):

(c) the Facilitator of the Circle gains the authority to judge the accuracy of any arguments presented to validate Tensions or Objections within the Circle’s Governance Process.
-- MY COMMENT: The Anchor Circle has an elected Facilitator. If I were Facilitator of the Anchor Circle and a Process Breakdown occurred, I would use this reference as my authority to restore due-process.

Hope this helps, or at least spawns additional input from the community.

- Dennis