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Hi Alexia,

While I understand and respect H1's decision to change the pricing model of GlassFrog, I was a little surprised when I did the math for our 8 users and one circle and realized we are facing an increase of 140% in order to keep the functionality we currently have.

In terms of dollars, this is only an increase from $30 to $72 and I am choosing, as Lead Link of my circle, to make that commitment to supporting our organization's Holacracy practice. Despite that choice, I can't help but feel small groups are taking the brunt of the increase while larger organizations will see decreases in cost.

I recently spoke to another member of our community with 50 users and lots of circles who, based on the new pricing model, would move from a monthly cost of $495 to $450. While this only represents one anecdotal instance of small group increase and larger group decrease, I found it poignant that we are paying $42 more and they are paying $45 less - pretty close!

I realize my perspective is one viewed through a lens of very limited financial resources. Having now led two implementations in organizations with less than 10 users, I am already sensitive to the unique hurdles of implementation without coach support.

That being said, I think the really short version here is...bummer for the little groups! I hope the new and easier pricing model will free up time and energy to add new functionality and make our increase in cost even more worthwhile in the future.

I will now step down from my soapbox.