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Hi Alexia

Yes Glassfrog needs to be the entry and simple storage of the task text and rudimentary info like "Action / Project / Trigger" etc.

Currently we take this and copy to our internal systems (Trello / Slack /Product Board ) for actioning. 

What would be great is the following.

For API:

  • Add projects / tasks into Trello / Slack / others to create cards for organisation transparency (Cv4.1 1.2.3 & Cv4.1 1.2.4) 
  • Add projects / tasks into OmniFocus or Wunderlist etc for our personal tracking


For Glassfrog visibility:

  • Allow Tasks to be linked to existing projects (within Glassfrog)
  • Maintain an active link from Glassfrog to the task system - So you can link from Glassfrog to the task easily.


As this is premium features the user should be able to see linked tasks in the meeting history and in a personal Project and Task list.  Maybe add tasks into the Project list as an option. You could also add a tab next to projects called My roles Projects and Actions + my personal actions.


Just a thought