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Hi Andrea,

Paul is right - it is more involved than dropping in the localization files for language support. I can see why you might expect otherwise, though. GlassFrog has grown and evolved alongside of Holacracy pretty much from the beginning. If you are familiar with Ruby on Rails, GlassFrog development started sometime in or before 2008 on Rails 2.0, which is before the drop-in localization support, and GlassFrog was never retrofitted. I think GlassFrog is actually older than HolacracyOne, but I don't remember for sure. I think they might have been programming it on punch cards or stone tablets.

In any case, as GlassFrog Product Manager, internationalization has been on my radar, and I was hoping to start spec'ing it out next year once we had this January release under our belts. But, as Tom Thomison likes to say "Reality will have its way with you", and I've actually been spec'ing it out most of today to try to determine how to fit in the development roadmap, and what sorts of things to consider.