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Yeah, guessing Eric is right; HolacracyOne's compensation system has been upgraded and perhaps that is why Brian didn't write about the old one in the Holacracy book. That was a process based comp system, which at least compensation was:

  • determined by more than one person
  • process was transparent
  • included an algorithm that was objective, even though it included subjective inputs

It was still very subjective and messy, but may be a better and more feasible next step than a full badge based system for some organizations. If you write us, someone may be able to dig up the spreadsheet and send to you or publish:


On a related note, August has published their compensation system which is an algorithm and they are also willing to share the "source code" if you contact them. As far as I know, they don't practice Holacracy, though from a quick read, it follows a good number of principles that would make it worthy of consideration for a transparent processed based comp app in a Holacracy run organization: https://medium.com/21st-centur...2c5d9649c#.v26ukukln