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Hi Friedrich,

Most interesting question.

From my perspective, you have to :

  • design an app  describing the firing process,
  • then to adopt this "Firing" app through a policy in a gov meeting of the general circle.

This app has to be designed by a role (HR) accountable for that.

II've seen a such app once, but I don't find it in the Holacracy Appstore. The main idea was to have a comitee with 3 roles (advocate, lead link, and ?) deciding of firing or not the person.

One important point - and the first one - from my perspective : firing someone means that that person does not hold any role in the organization. So before this last end, the escalation scenario could be :
• taking somebody out of a role (lead link decision)
• reallocating the person to another role (lead link decision + reallocating talents process)
• if the person does not fit any role, firing process

Hope that helps.