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Hi Rebecca,

Thank you for your thoughtful post, it is greatly appreciated. I know it takes time and energy to compile feedback like that, and it is a gift to hear what folks think about GlassFrog. I'll forward it over to the role that decides about the business model. As GlassFrog Product Manager, I will keep on my mission to make sure GlassFrog is providing value.

I can appreciate that for a smaller company, a $45 increase can feel different than for a larger company. I can say that when we ran the numbers, we saw both price increases and decreases across the spectrum of company size.  Of course, it remains to be seen what option organizations right at the edge of the current free plan choose to move to.  And that obviously doesn't change your experience.

In any case, I appreciate that you are continuing with GlassFrog on the new Premium plan, and if you think of any features (besides what you posted already!) that might make GlassFrog better for the little groups, please feel free to reply to this post and I'll take notes. I'd love to hear them!