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my take (experts please jump in and correct me if needed) :

Constitution deals with the matter in a few spots (disclaimer : i am not using the complete wording)

 -  3.1 : this article Does not list  resource and partner allocation as valid governance

-  Appendix A: Lead link assigns partners and resources

-  2.2.3 : Lead link Accountabilities can be delegated to other roles or alternate means.

My conclusion is that you can delegate partner assignment to any separated process you may choose, but this has nothing to do with the governance meeting.

On a general basis it is my understanding that a separation of resource assignment from governance is the key to avoid proposals and objections to become polluted by resource availability issues. This is a very good thing to do because many ideas would otherwise be stopped by sentences such as "we don't have enough resources to do that --> therefore this is not a good idea" .

in my experience this kind of objections  very frequently hijacks  good ideas in companies not practicing Holacracy.