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Reply to Hola Spirit web tool

By Tony Wood Topic posted 12/13/2015

I really hope this contributes to the ecosystem. The recent change in the pricing model of Glassfrog is an intelligent move and sets the bar pretty high for new challengers. Once the basic features become "mineral water"  the value added features will make the difference in the positioning of each offer, and this will be good for all of us. 

The API strategy and the integration with third party tools may be a key differentiator (the APi strategy of Holaspirit has not been defined yet, at least this was the situation last week)

(Speaking of language: I too had enquired about the language localization of Glassfrog, and reverted to creating an addendum to the italian constitution that would help non english speakers get a hold of some concepts in the UI, I am still available to provide support to the translation in my locale if needed, maintaining a coherence with the concepts and terminology of the italian version of the constitution. I am 100% sure that the localization is a piece of cake "codewise", probably just the editing of a few "properties files")