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we struggled with this a bit too as we had worked with 'Rocks' and OKR's in very similar ways at two different organizations and saw the benefits with the alignment of resources and prioritizing using these.  We did however find that the tie to a fixed deadline (typically part of a quarter theme) was motivational when it worked and demotivating when the team made good choices but the result meant missing a 'deadline'.  We are still early stages and I could have this wrong but in glass frog we are treating 'projects' as 'rocks' or 'OKRs' as to us a project is typically something we run for our clients and internal initiatives were OKRs....  This helped our team transition and while there is some mixed feelings about dropping the 'fixed due dates' I believe that is only transitional and after a few months it will be fully embraced as there should be no penalty or stress as a result of prioritizing resources to the best options at the time instead of giving priority to those we wrote on the wall at our quarterly meeting.  Tactical meetings are a good way to align priorities as hearing from each person gives emphasis on the inter dependencies and during the meeting people naturally adjust to factor this in and re prioritize accordingly.