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Hi Anita, 

The issue you're facing is one of the drawbacks with adopting Holacracy in parts of your organizations at a time. As you notice, there is no pathway for processing tensions between the two circles practicing Holacracy because they are not linked by any role. 

Technically, each of your two circles is the Anchor circle for their Holacracy implementation. They would have a Lead Link but no Rep Link, because there is no broader circle. 

If you want those two circles to have a channel to process tensions, using Cross Links is perhaps your 2nd best choice, by having each circle propose an internal policy inviting a Cross Link from the other circle. You would have two Rep Links, one in each direction. It's a bit quirky, but it would work.

Your 1st best choice is to adopt Holacracy at the level of the broader circle, and unlock the pathways for processing tensions between all those circles.

Hope that helps!