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Thank you Alexia

I think the major challenge with an early start start up is cash flow. Generally a startup will have less than five people and no cash (unless vc funded etc) for the first 6 months to a year which is long enough to see if the idea gets traction.

The previous Glassfrog plan was perfect for this and meant it could be adopted and then payed for when the company grew past 5 people as the cash came in.

Changing the starting price from free to paid for will I believe change the number of startups trying Holacracy. 

Being fair - I think this is smart. As adopting holacracy is a real investment and $9 a month per user is a small price to pay for a solid and reliable governance system.

It may deter others from "trying" holacracy... as this is not a system to "try" you need to "do".