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I am grateful for the responses and in-depth dialogue here.

I think in the instance the Brian describes, trying it out with someone that was in long ongoing relationship, that THEN was made a Partner through role assignment, and necessitate training in Holacracy, and attendance at meetings... would pretty much set the stage for that person to become an employee.

I'm thinking as much about the IRS rules about definitions of contractors vs W-2 employees as I am thinking about whether an individual who is contractually providing project or service-under-direction (like data entry) ought to have Partner authorities or not.

I'm already leaning my opinion against, re: the authorities bit, and the more I think about training in Holacracy and meeting attendance, the more I lean against due to the definition of contractor part.

One last comment about Margaux's comment about volunteers - we are a very unique situation who as a nonprofit have a number of committed part-time and nearly full-time volunteers energizing roles in our anchor circle.  That is unlikely to change - and the authorities they carry in Role as Partners is we think more aligned than with contractors.

Great stuff, very very helpful!