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Originally Posted by Martin Röll:


The question that jumps out for me is: who is you? You ask if someone knows "how you set priorities". Who is that? What are you trying to do?


Basically, nobody in Holacracy sets priorities for others; except, when useful or necessary, the Lead Link of a Circle. 


If your role is in trouble because of someone else not doing their job, you can

  • ask the Lead Link to set a priority
  • ask the Lead Link to reallocate the role to someone else
  • ask the Lead Link to allocate more resources to the role
  • do the work yourself
  • ...

You seem to be focusing on a person, wanting someone to "set priorities" for them. Is that right? That's not how it works: Holacracy deals only with the work. What do you need?  


Does this help? I am not really clear on what your situation is. It might help if you clarified from what perspective you are asking: are you a fellow circle member? Are you the one responsible for delivering to the client? What are you trying to achieve?

Hi Martin,


Thank you for your reply. I 'm not waiting for someone to set priorities. But you made the confusion in my head more clear for me. :-) I suggest the situation in which a lead link in circle A sets priorities and a lead link in circle B sets priorities. A person, f.e. John, is fulfilling a role in circle A and a role in circle B. John is asked by both lead links to prioritise the work so it meets the priorities of the circle (A and B). John senses a tension because he can't fulfill both roles like he wants to. What should he do? Ask both or one lead link to allocate more resources to the role, ask both lead links or one to reallocate the role(s) to someone else?